who we are

The BellSouth Pioneer Volunteers represent over 90,000 active and retired employees from each of the nine states of the BellSouth organization. The Pioneers support a broad base of community programs centering on education, the environment, health, human services and life enrichment. Clicking on any of the blue title links below will guide you through our rich tradition of volunteering and community service.

THE SPIRIT OF SERVICE – Pioneering begins with the birth of an infant telephone industry over 100 years ago. One of the first Pioneers was Angus Mcdonald, who worked through the blizzard of 1888
to keep open the only long distance telephone circuits between New York and Boston.
ANATOMY OF AN EMBLEM – The Pioneer Triangle was adopted because its three sides are intended to symbolize the three principal objectives of the Telephone Pioneers.

FACTS ABOUT TELEPHONE PIONEERS – Many people who may have heard of the Pioneers are not aware of the wide range of services and accomplishments that make up this great organization. Find out more here!

WHY BE A BELLSOUTH PIONEER? – Pioneering offers all of its members a host of opportunities.
Not only does Pioneering promote life-long relationships and personal fulfillment, it also creates the opportunity to participate as a family in the community.